8 Best Android Apps for Kids

Since I started this web site, I’ve had several questions from different folks concerning the best android apps for his or her kids. It happens therefore often, i made a decision to compile a list of suggested android apps for one-year-olds, two-year-olds, and three-year-olds.

Now-a-days, a mobile isn’t simply meant for making calls or sending messages. With the invention of recent technology, these tiny gadgets became one of the most effective sources of entertainment among adults as well as children. The android market has come out with numerous applications that aren’t solely easy to be used however also are quite entertaining. This technology has been able to draw a lot of audience especially kids. children realize several android apps quite amusing once it involves their pursuit of happiness. Now, i’m back with a brand new list for kids ages 4-5. Taking hints from our yearly Best Apps for kids list, I organized this list supported every app’s use case.

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Here are list of best android apps for kids that have very tested out to be entertaining:

1.Learning Games 4 Kids

let’s begin with an app that has a easy feature — train your child how to write the letters of the alphabet. The ABC kids application teaches your toddler to write down the alphabet and discover ways to pronounce them. The app is delightful with colorful pics and fun phonic sounds that your kid will love. Get this app when your kid goes to kindergarten. It helps.

Note: The app has no advertisements, which makes it excellent for younger children as well (aged less than years)

Get the app from Google Play.

2. Angry Birds Space

in case your kids are bored of the original angry Birds game, try the new angry Birds space version, which introduces the children to cool concepts such as gravity, solar system, and fictitious cold planets like Utopia! This recreation app has over 300 levels set in the intergalactic playground, with every level more difficult than the previous one, thanks to the game-converting gravitational pull feature in it.

Note: the game has advertisements and in-app purchases, so that you might need to turn on the parental controls for this app.

Get the app from Google Play.

3. Angry Birds:

Angry Bird is a game application that has been enough to attract many users success. This application is composed of several birds of different colors that produce sounds when struck. Today, this application can be seen on each mobile set, due to its popularity among people around the world.

4. Sandbox Kid Corner:

This application has become famous for its ability to convert any set Android on the phone hand of a child. The main screen transforms itself, but the control remains in the hands of parents. Only parents can choose who your child can call or call. Through this application, parents can even locate your child.

5. Best Hand Shadow Arts:

This application makes you draw anything on the screen by hand. any equipment or tool to draw any particular form, like the shadow of dinosaurs, eagle, cat and the like are not required. Only hands are more than enough to create such dark designs.

6. Creatorverse:

Typically, designs are created are mere figures can not perform any action. This, Creatorverse, application lets you create designs and set in motion those designs. Shapes or figures created by which it can bounce, pitch, roll and speed as well. In short, the creations come to life. This not only entertains the child, but also make create different designs.

7. Grimm’s Snow White:

Basically, Snow White is one of the books with the largest audience ever for children. Now, Android has come out with this new application contains new and classic stories of Snow White. While reading, children can even join White in all scanning sequences along with the seven dwarfs.

8. Victor’s cold:

This application is a combination of play and a story. As the story progresses, children can enjoy the virtual game.

Here are some of the best Android apps for kids that have been created in order to entertain children. So, download these applications and raise their children in play activities.


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