5 Best Apps for Splitting Bills With Friends

In the past, the cost and expense career clumsy process. They were to calculate what should you then go through the tedious task of collecting money from each person. And fewer people carry cash, are less common these days weaning more difficult. This means that before the application splitting bills.

Bill splitting application, you can share the cost of such things as meals for groups and group tours, so to pay their fair share of each of them. Clearance Top Apps account includes a credit or debit card or any other peer-to-peer payment platform that makes it much easier to cover its share of the cost immediately, even down to the penny. Application-splitting account, you’ll be able to keep the peace between friends that arguments about who should cut down what to whom.

Here are 5 bill-splitting apps you can download today.

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1. Cost Split

This is free application, available for iPhone and Android, ideal if you often share with someone expenses as a roommate. Cost Split is growing up, who needs someone that in the last three races of the grocery happy hour made Friday that the distribution of his roommate. When you’re ready to pay, and PayPal transfer simply all you need to settle your debts.

Cost Split is the most versatile of the banknote separation applications on our list, and is suitable for most situations when you have to share the cost among a larger number of people. You can create groups with different friends and share what everyone should. All your expenses organized and bills in one place and everyone in the group amount that you have to see.

2. Venmo: Send & Receive Money

This is the biggest name in the list, and with good reason, this is Bill and easy way to share, or want to pay for something streamlined version (App Store and in Google Play) is free from a friend. It boasts the largest audience and your friends are more likely to do so was denied. Road Bump in the same application will be a great way to pay for all of your payment.

A friend linked to pay through a bank account or debit card, or keeping just to ask yourself, PayPal Use the correct information. Has a fanbase.

3. >Billr: To Share Costs and Itemize in One

If you have an iPhone and you like to eat with friends, you must run this app for 99 cents. Billr Calculate what they owe their own starters (because you know you do not have to pay for lobster if you can salad) and SPLIT things like snacks and common wine. The project will also increase tax and tip and Split the bill as a copy to another group, such as a text or email.

4. Divvy: To Snap and Split

With divvy on your iPhone, you do not have to type anything on your phone. Simply pay as much as you take your receipt, photo and drag any item, and you’re done! The application automatically each person’s life due taxes, and adds an important part. 99 cents for download.

5. Settle Up — Group Expenses

SettleUp can perform a range of payment processing scenarios. If a person or a few people to pay fees, it is equally divided payments based on the amounts of money or allow you to every single person paid to vote. The proportion of the cost function lets you send email, social media, WhatsApp or any channel. Costs are carried and under all synced people so that everyone can see them.

When you travel abroad, can Settle Up local photo shops and the historical exchange rate of the transaction only if the date is changed. You can also use a fixed exchange rate applied to all purchases are prepared. A free version of the application will display ads that can sometimes annoying, if you are a heavy user. Premium version of the application ads not map you pictures of receipts and items permitted and allows you to customize color groups.



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