5 Best Reminder App For Android 2019

we are listing some of the best reminder app in your Android phones. you can find loads of Reminder apps on the Play store but which are best? Which comes with greater features.

Our complicated life continually makes us forget the things including important activities throughout the day. due to which we can also suffer a lot because of our carelessness. we’re usually in some kind of rush which ends up in so many matters left behind results in forgetting things. sometimes, We even forget our basic needs due to the fact we can’t remind it to take on actual time by which we suffer a lot. For overcoming these issues we going to introduce the best Reminder Apps which helps you lots to satisfy your goals and tasks on your life.

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most of the apps listed here are totally dedicated to scheduling and organizing your life.

Here are the best Reminder Apps for Android in 2019.

1. Todo Reminder

Todo Reminder is the To-Do list & tasks manager i use. whether you’re sharing a grocery list with a loved one, working on a task, or planning a holiday, Todo Reminder makes it easy to share your lists and collaborate with everyone on your life. Todo Reminder right away syncs between your smartphone, tablet and pc, so you can get right of entry to your lists from everywhere.

unlike another App, Todo Reminder gives most features for really free. you may connect photos, PDFs, presentations and more even in the Free .


2. BZ Reminders

With BZ Reminders App, you may just remember everything which you need to do, and improve your productivity! you could easily control all the tasks that are in your to-do list, and make sure that you’ll do them. it is one of the best Reminder Apps The Bz reminder is the new update of the previous reminder application name is Bzzz. It comes with a few different advanced features easy to use, trustworthy reminder & to-do list app. this app particularly made for folks who want to set up tasks super quickly. You do no longer even have to take BZ Reminder your phone out of your pocket, you can just set reminder right from your android wear a smart watch. also, you may use it as notes app.


3. Remind Me

Remind Me is a easy application use productivity with a slogan “never forget”. In truth, the application allows those who never forget their easy daily tasks like call their relatives to send their friends text, email to a colleague, on time and more awakening. The application focuses on those basic tasks with a idea that if a person is able to be satisfactory to manage those easy responsibilities, then there is no room for other tasks are left in the back of. The essence of this application is certainly let set reminders bingo once the app will let you never forget about.


4. Google Keep

Then comes Google keep, it is one of the best reminder applications. This application set reminders for what has captured in his thoughts. And remembered in the right place and the proper time. you may add notes, images, voice memos to Google save and share your circle of relatives and buddies. applying all your information is synchronized throughout all your devices, so you can access them anywhere at any time. another great feature that distinguishes Google to maintain is that you may set based on the location reminders.so you can pull your task in a particular place.


5. Todoist

Todoist is the best preference for most people as it has some unique features most of any related application no. easy errands like shopping at its most bold tasks — so that you can start doing things and enjoy more peace of thoughts along the way.

you can Todoist its central axis, organized task control to do things with access to extra than 60 integrations of popular applications like Dropbox, Amazon Alexa, Zapier, IFTTT, and Slack. You need to subscribe to its premium version for functions like reminders, chat, attachments, etc.


6. Any.do

Any.do is like Wunderlist but has no standalone desktop software. it’s far flawlessly synchronized in real time between mobile, desktop, web and tablets. you could upload a list item directly from dos inbox e-mail by sending do@any.do. attach documents from your computer, Dropbox or Google drive to their tasks. Print, export and share your grocery lists and every day errands. in no way forget to call back to friends, family or colleagues thanks to our unique feature reminder of missed calls.


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