Apps Like Splitwise — Best Splitwise Alternatives

Did you ever have a trouble with splitting bills with a friend in a bar or a restaurant? You’re not alone. however, current technology goals to assist us in every way possible, So if a person has a cool birthday party with friends at a nearby bar, they no longer want to decide on splitting payment and finding enough cash to give one a change. split bill apps solve a problem very well. however earlier than jumping into this one blessing of the digital world let’s take a look around us.

It’s hard to argue that we’re residing during very thrilling and fast-changing times. things around develop and evolve before we even know it, and the fashion seems to be gaining momentum. while our mother and father or grandparents were in their Twenties, they had been forced to spend hours on a few responsibilities. for example, dealing with office work, waiting for their turn in an extended line within the bank to make a payment, and figuring out who owes whom and how much, when there has been a time to pay for a check in the bar. there may be no need for a radical studies to see that these times are lengthy gone.

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these days instead of doing office work, people sign documents online in a few mouse clicks. except one’s signature is remarkably lengthy, the entire process won’t take extra than a minute. All it takes is to open a record in a program like HelloSign, sign the document, and send it to the recipient. If there’s a want to pay for software bills, one no longer needs to visit a actual bank. There are services where such bills are automated.

A big variety of powerful mobile apps come in accessible to simplify our lives on a day by day basis. So let’s find out greater approximately split bill apps now.

Split Bill Apps Which Have Already Made Big Strides in the Niche

1. Cost Split

Cost Split is One of the most well-known split bill apps.that is free application, available for iPhone and Android, perfect in case you frequently share with someone costs as a roommate. cost split is growing up, who wishes someone that within the last 3 races of the grocery happy hour made Friday that the distribution of his roommate.


similar to any other app on this category, Venmo takes the pain out of splitting bills manually. you can download this app for free on iOS or Android. The app lets in users to receive bills from people who owe them cash or send them payment requests they need to fulfill. The greatest part is if a user has upgraded to iOS 7, he or she will send and receive money via AirDrop system.

3. Splittr

the next split bill app to be taken into consideration is Splittr. It costs $2 on iOS, and it’s clear what people pay for. this is how matters work: a user creates a trip or an event or anything, adds individual costs related to it, then adds people involved and mentions how much every person has already contributed. The app will magically decide the modern-day stability of everyone and tell who owes what and whom.

4. GroupMe

GroupMe is another notable app to split bills. It’s actually one of the simplest apps on this category. All it takes to use it is to click on the ‘paperclip’ icon, tap collect, and indicate how much everyone owes. Then those who owe money will pay via their credit cards. As soon as they are finished, everyone receives a notification. The crucial element: people don’t need to have the same app to be able to pay. One with a GroupMe account can send everyone a link to complete payment.

5. lovely

This split bill app is on a mission to remove the complication of paying rent. With lovely, someone can automate bills by inputting the information about a landlord and putting in recurring bills. Of route, it’s additionally possible to split bills with roommates if there are any. For the benefit of users, the app sends notifications 5 days prior a payment day, when the transaction is finished, and when a landlord receives the money.

6. Square Cash

One more satisfactory app to split bills along with your buddies is square cash. The app lets in people to apply their Visa or mastercard card numbers to finish all transactions. you can actually protect his or her bills either with a password or a touch id. What’s more, it’s allowed to cash out bills at once to a bank account for only a 1% fee.

7. Splitwise

although this app works great for nearly all kind of bills that can potentially be split, it is mainly good for managing restaurant checks. With Splitwise, customers can suggest who picked up the check and who owes what and whom. The app will also send friendly notifications to individuals who don’t pay their proportion in time.

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