How to Block Apps From Accessing Internet Android

In Android, is it possible to block specific app in android from accessing the Internet? many apps can typically connect to remote servers in the background, as well as Google’s own apps or system services. Over time this will eat away at a user’s data limit set by a mobile carrier. does android allow an app to act as a firewall whereby the user will disable internet access for individual apps? Or will the device have to be rooted to have that ability?

whilst traveling, the use of mobile data to access the internet may be costly, but you would possibly still need some apps for you to connect to it, even if no longer all of them. you may have a smaller data plan to surf social media or you would just actually like to have more control over what apps can access the internet in your Android smartphone. something your motivation, setting up a firewall that does exactly this, is not very complicated. read our tutorial to learn how to use the Internet guard app to block internet access for third party apps.

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Internet guard(No Root Firewall)

Meanwhile there are internet Firewalls available which also work on non-rooted devices. but a far better choice is internet guard, available from Playstore. it comes for free.if you don’t have root access on the device, then you could use Internet guard to control the access various apps have to the internet. Internet guard creates a ‘virtual’ VPN connection at the device which allows control of the individual app connections. however, although the app starts when the tool starts it’s far possible that there may be a quick period prior to Internet guard executing in which apps could get internet access despite the Internet guard automatic update.

Use a firewall like Internet guard(No Root Firewall) to block internet access for specific apps

Internet guard and other popular android app for firewall work in the equal for mobile data and wifi: they create a virtual personal community ( VPN — you can read more about this in our article right here ) and route all network visitors via this connection. After you turn the firewall on, you will see that this will be the only application using network bandwidth when you observe data usage in device settings, as all different apps work through it. The app has its very own data usage meter, so that you can know usage and save. also, rest assured that the app doesn’t connect with any external VPN accessing the internet android, everything happens locally, no external servers are used in the method.

How to block internet access with Internet guard — No Root Firewall

  1. Once you have installed Internet guard, go ahead and launch it from your list of apps.
  2. To start up the firewall, tap the Firewall Status button in the main menu.
  3. You will need to confirm the VPN connection: tap OK to do so.
  4. From now on you will see a permanent notification, so you know that Internet guard is active.
  5. By default, Internet guard allows all apps to access the internet, so now it’s time to block access for specific apps. To do so, tap Firewall Rules in the app window.
  6. you’ll see the listing off all apps with internet access. find the app you want to block internet access for.
  7. To toggle access through mobile data, tap the mobile signal app near the app’s name.

How to block background data for all apps in Internet guard

  1. Although limiting WLAN access for apps may not be a frequently required thing, you’ll need to disable all background data usage. To do this, first choose Foreground / Background from the 3 dot menu.
  2. Then tap Block all background to disable background traffic for all apps.
  3. To re-enable background traffic for apps, tap accept all background on a similar menu.


When it comes to Android Devices, internet access is what makes them smart within the first place, however there are situations after you need to control all the info that’s flowing through your device. If you have got ever had large smartphone bills because of data roaming, or struggled to send AN email with little or no data remaining on your monthly plan, you surely understand what we tend to are talking about. though android does not have a built-in feature to exercise control over your apps’ data usage, there are applications like Internet guard( noroot firewall) that provide a really simple solution to this drawback. you do not need any technical knowledge or coaching to reduce mobile data traffic and probably save money during your vacation, while still having the ability to access internet on your most important apps.

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