Cost Split Review

iOS / Android: Between eating out, blocking coffee and sharing charges can rack up a lot of IOUs in the day-to-day life. Cost Split helps you to manage them with a simple report and let you pay back your finances via PayPal.

Cost Split

It would press me to know how much money I owed by friends and old roommates, and how much money I probably owe them, after years of java dates case of “I want to buy round”, and oh so many non -quite- completed grocery bills.
I remember this piece of paper on the family fridge filled with IOUs and stacks of old receipts, and I’m not quite sure that everyone always managed to pay their debts in this way.

Sometimes it’s just too difficult to adhere to the people up and demand your money back for something as easy as movie ticket you cried them past weekend.

So when I actually hear of amazing free software Cost Break up, for the sake of my wallet and savings account, I wish I had developed heard of it faster.

Imagine you are out at dinner with a bunch of friends and a huge bill is on your table with no chance to share the bill – classic panic.

Or you and your housemates desperately need a new washing machine, but no one wants to be responsible for the entire cost.

Getting the answer to our prayers: a program (which has been a well kept secret for years), who will share the bill of who owes what and send helpful reminders to anyone trying to wriggle out of paying up.

Sure, there are plenty of other great bill-splitting opportunities out there – like Suncorp award winning Bill Splitter program or social media payments application Cashper – but for a young man chasing a free and easy to use tracker, the Cost Split been a great addition to my telephone.

Even better, Cost Split Inc has also Plates of Cost Split, which can be used specifically for splitting the restaurant bill even allows you to calculate tax and a tip (if you’re feeling generous).

Need more info on Cost Split?

The application allows you to create your own groups, whether it’s housemates or maybe your companions (if you are lucky enough to have enough bankers to explore).

You can then add in any expenses you paid for, and view bills and amounts you may owe your friends.

The good thing about this application is the simplicity and the flexibility to add in any expense of your choice, no matter how random it could be.

You can split bills equally or allocate specific amounts for different people, and pay up safely with Venmo, Paypal, or cash.

When I moved out of the share house and in with my partner, my costs Split utilization is much simpler.

We mainly just split groceries, fuel bills or veterinary expenses (thanks to our sweet little dog), but it is still so great to have everything in one place.

Using a program like this helps keep you accountable for the money you owe and even gives a different version of your usage history which could help when you need to plan a budget.

Anyway, make sure you have downloaded the application before you start planning your next group trip; all you are going to probably already have. If somehow you still manage to have a battle to split the bills, just take more and zone out combined with Cost Split.

It may seem like overkill for the rare lunch or drink after work, but if you share the cost with your friends often, it can be an easy way to keep track of who owes money to whom.

Costs Split is a free download for iOS and Android.

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